I write fantasy and science fiction stories and novels. Currently I am writing in two series. You can find out more information below.


Shadow and the Light



Shadow of the Owl

A once pampered princess must choose: Leave behind the simple life she’s come to love and rise up to save her people from tyranny, or stay hidden and watch it all burn down around her.


Aebrin's Song - A Short STory

A farmboy-turned-soldier plays emissary to a secluded tribe of elves, only to find they are besieged by monsters.

The Pixie Gambit cover concept 1.png

The Pixie Gambit

A secretive shapeshifter must open up about her past in order to save her best friend’s child from a magical illness.

Status: In Planning



Deus Hex Machina

Cyberpunk Science Fiction


Sister of the Circuit

An aspiring techno-nun searches for a way to get back in with the church that exiled her by scavenging antiquities in dystopic future Orange County.

Status: Published July, 2018

Code Siren.png

Code Siren

Isidore RAM fights against a digital plague turning the citizens of Apotheosis into techno-zombies.

Status: In Planning